How to Introduce Sex Toys in a Relationship

How to Introduce Sex Toys in a Relationship

If you are reading this, I assume that you're already well-informed about pleasure products. The wondrous world of sex toys is here for very understandable reasons, like exciting new experiences and also, orgasms.

And here's a good reason that you're interested in using sex toys with your partner during sex best known to you only. Using pleasure products during intercourse is like using tools while building a monument. 

Now you will ask, when we are fully capable of having pleasure by ourselves, then why these products? So simple answer is you can create a house with your hands, but it will be a more pleasant experience with a hammer and nails.

Keeping these metaphors aside, sex toys can start certain sensations that might not be achievable without them. For example, no matter how well your partner is with their tongue, it can not vibrate as a vibrator for women. So it becomes naturally necessary to introduce sex toys in your intimate relationship at some point in time.

  1. Create A Culture Of Open Sex Talk In Your Relationship:

Open communication is not only good for business partnerships, but it also works wonders in sex life also. It would be quite easy to bring sex toys into your relationship if you and your partner already have regular conversations about sex. Talking about sex can increase intimacy and provide the opportunity for each of you to understand better the most enjoyable things when you are engaging in sexual acts. It will help you and your partner to know what additions you could make to your sex lives to make them even better and more.

  1. Specifically Talk About Using A Sex Toy:

After making your partner comfortable talking about sex life, you can move up to the next step, which is sharing your ideas of introducing the pleasure toys. Because it is wise and respectful that your partner is acceptable from a consent perspective. It is not good that you simply grab a vibrator in the middle of things and hope that they will accept it. This could make your partner feel pressured into trying something they don’t want to try. If you really need sex toys in your sex life, then convenience your partner about it.

  1. Get Really Specific About What Toy To Try:

The sex toy realm is very huge, as there are approximately seven-plus different types of vibrators. In addition, dildos, strokers, nipple clamps, and floggers all of these qualify as sex toys. So, when you agree to use a sex toy, it is necessary to be on the same page as your partner. You may be thinking about sex toys and your partner thinking about others if you're not specific in your discussion. Make sure that you both are on the same page about what type of toy you want to try together.

  1. Spend Some Time Getting To Know Your Toy:

Never use a sex toy after immediately receiving it, take some time to know it before bringing it to bed. Learn about the following:

  1. How do you turn it on and off? 
  2. How do you increase or decrease the intensity? 
  3. How many vibration patterns are there? 
  4. Which ones do you want to try?

These questions will answer all your doubts before you actually use it. It will help you know when to press the plus sign and when to have mild vibrations.

  1. Talk About The Experience Afterwards:

Share your experience with your partner after sex using the best adult toys for women. It will help you determine what you can do to better your experience even more. Chat about the toy after sex and also reflect on what went well and what may need some work or support.

I am sure till now you have become a fan of sex toys. And you want to have that piece during your intercourse. There are so many different types of toys on the market; it is up to the couple to decide what works best for them.

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